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Hey Wassup, I'm Music Producer/ BeatMaker Jamon "Truebeatz" Turner.I Was Born And Raised In Cincinnati, Ohio.I Began Listening To Music At A Very Young Age.My First Cassette Tape Was Ice-T "Power", My Favorite Song On That Album Was "I'm Your Pusher Man".I Also Grew Up Listening To Slick Rick, Al B Sure,And N.W.A. I Had The Dream To Be A Rapper And A Super Producer.While In School, I Carry An Extra Notebook With Me And I Used To Write A 16 While I Do My Work.I Wanted To Be A Rapper And Produced My Own Beats Like Dr Dre.I Never Made A Beat Until 2004.I Started Out Making Beats On A Sony Playstation.Ejay Club World And Music Maker Was The Game That I Made Beats On.I Later Upgraded To A Beat Making Software "Fruity Loops" A MPD26, And A M-Audio Keyboard.I Never Rapped Or Record None Of My Lyrics But I Stuck To Producing Beats.I Made Alot Of Beats For Up And Coming Artists All Over.My Goal Is To Own My Own Studio In Atlanta,Georgia, Cincinnati Ohio,Or Huntsville, Alabama.If You Or You Know Somebody That Rap OR Sing That Needs Beats Send Them To Me.


Kehlani On “SweetSexySavage” Anniversary: “Touring This Album Saved My Life!”


“I healed with this music as a listener and performer.”

Kehlani‘s official debut album, SweetSexySavage, is one year old today, and the important date was not missed on the Bay Area singer. Sharing the album cover on Instagram, Kehlani thanked fans and reflected on the past year, which she said has been a time of healing. “Touring this album saved my life!!!” she wrote, remembering the place she was in at the time of release, less than a year after she reportedly attempted suicide and landed in the hospital. “In the middle of the album process my life changed forever!” After a few months break I came back to work on it but wasn’t the same girl. Didn’t recognize my new self in any of the music… but I had to finish. I didn’t have time. Ill admit, putting out this album was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done because on Jan 27th last year I ain’t really fuck with IT or ME.”

Later, she revealed that once she got on the road, she was able to feel like herself once again — both through her fans and the music of SSS. “Supported by y’all’s epic ass energy I uplifted myself every night with songs like “Too Much” and “Piece of Mind”. Found my strength again with Hold Me By the heart,” she wrote. “And what I’m most thankful for was ALL THE FUN (the rest of the damn songs lololol long ass album) This album wasn’t “You Should Be Here” deep, it was the most high spirited project I’ve made so far that I didn’t know I needed so much for myself. I healed with this music as a listener and performer.”

“This wasn’t a piece of a music it was a time stamp in my life,” she continued. “SSS was a bandaid, and the best one at that. I love y’all!

Read Kehlani’s full message below.

I started this album feeling like I had something to prove to the world, the mixtape had made some sort of wild history and the pressure was immense. In the middle of the album process my life changed forever!” After a few months break I came back to work on it but wasn’t the same girl. Didn’t recognize my new self in any of the music… but I had to finish. I didn’t have time. Ill admit, putting out this album was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done because on Jan 27th last year I ain’t really fuck with IT or ME. Touring this album saved my life!!! Supported by y’all’s epic ass energy I uplifted myself every night with songs like “Too Much” and “Piece of Mind”. Found my strength again with Hold Me By the heart.. and what I’m most thankful for was ALL THE FUN (the rest of the damn songs lololol long ass album) This album wasn’t “You Should Be Here” deep, it was the most high spirited project I’ve made so far that I didn’t know I needed so much for myself. I healed with this music as a listener and performer. Every night on that tour you guys gave me reasons to get better and b stronger. Every time you tell me this album changed something for you I get the wildest feeling because we’re in the same shoes. Thank you everyone who worked on this, but more importantly everyone who was there during this album process as a friend/family. This wasn’t a piece of a music it was a time stamp in my life. SSS was a bandaid, and the best one at that. I love y’all! I hope whatever you are doing makes you happy, I hope you fall in love with yourself if you aren’t already, and I hope the people around you remind you to keep pushing no matter what. Enjoy life, nothings as serious as it seems. LOVE! Happy 1 year Lil baby.


Lil Pump Says He Won’t Sign For Under $15 Million

1-lilpump“New deals on the way, bitch!”

Lil Pump is newly independent, and if anyone wants to sign him, they’re going to have to make a generous offer. The Miami rapper’s Warner Bros. contract was recently voided, with Pump able to slip out of his deal due to signing as a minor (he’s currently 17). When a TMZ cameraman caught up with him in New York, Pump claimed he was looking for at least $15 million to sign another deal.

“New deals on the way, bitch!” he said. “If you ain’t got 15 [million], don’t talk to me, bitch! I don’t want no meetings unless you talkin’ 15 and up!”

Pump is said to have received a nearly $350,000 advance on his original Warner contract, but with the platinum-selling, top 3 Billboard hit “Gucci Gang” under his belt, he’s looking for a much bigger payday for his next venture. The initial report from Hits Daily Double stated that Pump’s team was looking for $8 million per album, while he’d been getting offers that sat in the $3-4 million per album range.

Both Gucci Mane and DJ Khaled have expressed interest in signing Pump. However, the rapper did not share any specifics as to who’s approached him. “I’ve talked to a lot of people,” he said.

In 2017, Pump released his self-titled debut project, which launched at No. 3 on the Billboard 200. It sold 46,000 equivalent album units in its first week.

Though he’s a relatively new artist, Pump is already a fairly recognized name in pop culture. Earlier this month, his hit, “Gucci Gang,” was parodied in an SNL skit with Pete Davidson and Sam Rockwell.

Black Thought & 9th Wonder Will Reportedly Release Joint EP

Following his viral freestyle, Black Thought is planning to release some music independent from The Roots.

Black Thought is working on an EP with seasoned producer 9th Wonderreports OkayPlayer. At a Friday night event called Black Thought Cinema Presents, the rapper is said to have announced a new project with 9th, which sounds like it will be the first of a few new releases from Thought. While the moment in which he made the announcement was not captured on video, the camera was rolling just a moment later: “It’s the first of a series of joints that I’m gonna be putting out called Streaming Thought. Be on the lookout for the music that we’re about to hit y’all with,” says Thought in a clip posted by Nodfactor.


In June of last year, Black Thought revealed that 9th Wonder, as well as Salaam Remi, would be working on The Roots forthcoming 12th studio album End Game. “Last October we had a writers’ retreat at Electric Lady Studios in New York City for about a week or so,” he said. “Within that time we got about a good deal of the groundwork of what’s to come for the record, End Game. I’ve been working, writing and recording on it since then.”

In 2016, Thought and 9th worked together on “Making A Murderer,” a single featuring Styles P of The Lox.

9th Wonder has released many collaborative projects over the course of his career, including efforts with Talib Kweli, Wale, Murs, Pete Rock, and Jean Grae, not to mention his run as the producer in Little Brother. Last year, he revealed he had recorded the equivalent of a 12-track album with TDE artist SiR.

No word on a release date for the EP or the long-awaited Roots album. Stay tuned for further details.567751471_1280x720

Nelly Files Countersuit Against Rape Accuser

nellyNelly has officially filed a countersuit against the woman who falsely accused him of rape.

Well it’s official. After we heard rumors last month that Nelly was going to countersue the woman who falsely accused him of rape, the St. Louis rapper did just that on Friday in Seattle. TMZ reports that Nelly filed the suit Friday, and claims that the accuser came onto him first, before lying about their sexual encounter to get him arrested.

Nelly’s suit states that Monique Greene made her way into his VIP section of the nightclub where he was headlining, and started coming onto him hard. Nelly says he then invited her to join him and others back on his tour bus. He says they had consensual sex on the tour bus, and Greene only got mad when one of his performers, which he told police was a backup dancer, entered the room to use the bathroom. At that point, Nelly says Greene got “aggressive and disruptive” and was asked to leave then. Greene called for an Uber and then called police to report the alleged incident which would eventually lead to Nelly’s arrest for rape.

nellFollowing his arrest though, Greene and her attorney made several statements on the Internet that falsely accused him of raping her. He says the statements were a clear and malicious attempt to get him prosecuted, which ultimately didn’t work.

In addition, Nelly says her claims cost him a lot of money too. He was forced to cancel a scheduled show and also damaged his reputation in the music business.


Puff Daddy, Rick Ross, Meek Mill & Others Congratulate Floyd Mayweather On 49th Career Win

Screen-Shot-2015-09-13-at-12_25_34-AM-300x300Floyd Mayweather beat Andre Berto in a unanimous decision to retire undefeated.

Floyd Mayweather made boxing history yesterday (September 12) when he defeated Andre Berto in a unanimous decision, ESPN reports. This victory ties the boxer with Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 career record.

Mayweather said prior to the match that this would be his last time in the ring. He confirmed his retirement to reporters after the bout with Berto.

“You got to know when to hang it up, and it’s time for me to hang it up,” the boxer said.

Many rappers took to social media to congratulate the champion on his victory. Despite his prolific career, Mayweather has received criticism for his glorification of money and his confrontations outside of boxing. He has feuded with T.I. and 50 Cent, among others. He also spent two months in jail in 2012 for domestic battery. Some of the posts took note of this criticism and said that winning overpowers the negativity.

“Congrats @floydmayweather !! Now it’s time to party!!!” Puff Daddy wrote on Instagram with a flier for his Marquee Fight Night party sponsored by Ciroc.

@floydmayweather congrats on perfect 49-0 record,” Rick Ross wrote on Twitter with a picture of Mayweather and the MMG Black Bottle Boys logo.

“The best ever! F#%k what they talking when you winning!!” Meek Mill wrote on Instagram for a caption of a picture of the boxer with his title belts.

“TBE… 49-0,” Lupe Fiasco posted on Instagram, referencing the boxer’s “The Best Ever” title.

“Congrats @floydmayweather ANOTHER ONE!#wethebest,” DJ Khaled wrote on Instagram for the caption of a picture of himself with Money May.

Fabolous apparently was in attendance for the Las Vegas fight and posted an image on Instagram.

“Mayweather VS. Berto Congrats to @floydmayweather. A 49-0 record is incredible.. People overlook that like its a easy feat, but the real ones know & respect your hard work! We need 1 more WIN so you can have the record & so I can bring my son to see that last fight!! #MayweatherVsBerto #Vegas#TMT #TheFamily,” he writes, referencing the boxer’s The Money Team.

Flo Rida also posted that he was at the fight. On Instagram, he shared a picture of Mayweather kneeling in the center of the ring after finishing the final round.

“Keep God 1st in anything you do and you will not be stopped. Salute to my brother the undefeated @FloydMayweather 49-0 #TMT #STRONGARM,” he writes.

Top Dawg Entertainment executive Punch also gave a nod to the fighter.

“Floyd “Money” Mayweather. The Best Ever,” he says on Twitter. “Hahahha niggas hate Mayweather, but NOBODY beat him.”

Young Thug & Plies Trade Barbs Over Instagram

The two take shots at one another over a video Plies uploaded that featured Young Thug’s daughter.

Young Thug and Plies have engaged in a war of words via Instagram after Plies uploaded a video of Young Thug’s daughter to the social networking site.young

Young Thug then commented on Plies’ post with the following message, according to an Instagram upload from The Shade Room.

“Get this shit off yo page or its problems my nigga, not asking no more on slime”

Continuing in another post, Thugger threatened Plies with “problems” if the Florida rapper failed to remove the video from his Instagram page by the end of the day.

“Man listen, I want everybody in the world to ‘@’ this fuck nigga Plies and tell this pussy ass nigga if he don’t take this muthafuckin’ video of my daughter off his muthafuckin’ page calling her by her name it’s gon’ be problems, nigga. If you don’t [take it] down today on everything I know it’s problems, bro. Whatever you wanna be with, pussy ass fuck nigga.”

Plies then responded with the following message, captured again by The Shade Room:

“First and foremost, I’ll never disrespect nobody’s children, never have and never will. I put up an IG post of a little girl, I ain’t know who the fuck she was. All I know is she was speaking on how I felt, nigga, and still feel like she speaking for me. And if you have a problem with it, fuck nigga, you ask me to take it down, you don’t threaten me to do nothin’, pussy nigga.”

Young Thug later issued a response to Plies’ comments, admitting that the mother is also in trouble for allowing their daughter to curse.


Ice Cube Photographer Sues Forever 21

The photographer is saying the retail store used an image of his without permission.

Patrick Hoelck is suing Forever 21 for using an image of his without permission, TMZ reports. He is the photographer who took the famous picture of Ice Cube snarling.

The retail store used the image to make a women’s sweater with his face in the Oakland Raiders logo and a men’s T-shirt with the same design.

Hoelck is also suing clothing company Control, who designed a similar shirt.

He says that he sent a letter to both companies in June demanding that they stop selling the T-shirts, but neither complied, so he is taking them to court for the profits from the products.

Forever 21 released the women’s sweater, along with other N.W.A-inspired clothing, in 2013 and after receiving criticism for the collection, took the items off the shelves, according to Huffington Post.

A men’s version of the T-shirt is still up on the Forever 21 website, but is sold out.Ice-Cube_06-08-2015-300x300

Kevin Gates Responds To Allegations Of Kicking Fan


Kevin Gates makes his first public statement regarding an incident where he reportedly kicked a fan from onstage during a recent concert in Florida. The response comes in the form of a song entitled “The Truth,” which was posted on World Star Hip Hop.

“Man in the mirror,  you way outta order / Go to jail, who gonna look out for your daughter? / All in the news ’bout what happened in Florida / Posted on WorldStar on iPhone recorders / She grabbed my dick over and acted, I’m sorry / Two or three times I had already warned her / Edit that part out, I don’t like to argue,” he raps in the opening bars of the song.

The chorus for the song calls out the girl for her behavior.

“You should have respect for yourself / You a queen and you wasn’t respecting yourself / Ever been disrespected, you know how it felt / You don’t have to like me, go love someone else,” Gates raps.

Gates was charged with simple battery.


Kevin Gates has been charged with simple battery, TMZ reports.

The rapper allegedly kicked a fan in the chest after she was tugging on his shorts during a concert in Florida last month.

The police investigated the incident and decided to charge the Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper.


According to, an 18-year-old woman who was kicked in the chest by Kevin Gates during a performance over the weekend in Lakeland, Florida, was taken to the hospital shortly after.

The fan’s mother, Kristy Irelan, says she received a CT scan while at the hospital. Irelan also revealed that her daughter “passed out” following the kick.

“She told me that she was excited to see him and next thing she knows she was kicked in the chest and she was passed out…It pisses me off. I don’t care who you are- an NFL player, just a regular person or a rapper- you don’t come to anybody’s home town and kick anybody- she did not deserve that,” Ireland said, according to

Amateur video of the encounter, which was uploaded to YouTube, shows someone touching Gates’ leg. He then kicks them with his right leg.

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper has yet to respond directly to the incident, but did send the following message on Twitter shortly after his performance: “Kill me,when you see me – it’s dat simple”

It is currently unclear what the results of the teen’s CT scan were, and if the family plans on taking any legal action.

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Truebeatz – A.B.M. (All About Money) Produced by Jamon TrueBeatz Turner

10959293_1037721649578329_8709540599538972822_nThe Cincinnati, Ohio born producer Jamon “TrueBeatz” Turner began his career at a very young age. His passion for music led him into the world of hip-hop at the age of 8 . He was heavily influenced by raw hip-hop of the 90’s. Since being introduced to hip-hop, Jamon dreamed of become a super producer. In his quest to reach the top , TrueBeatz started his campaign in 2004 where he began making beats on Sony PlayStation video games ” Music Maker “ & ” Ejay Clubworld “. With a better understanding of the process in making beats, ” TrueBeatz “ felt confident enough to transpire his ability to beat making software , ” Fruity Loops” . Now with years under his belt and confidence , ” TrueBeatz “ produces for local rising artist as well as artist from all over the country. TrueBeatz gives us his later joint, A.B.M. , AKA All About Money….check it…. …

Nelly Performs ‘The Fix’ for ‘Off the Record’

nellyIt’s been 15 years since Nelly released his debut Country Grammar. Since then, he has sold 21 million albums in the U.S., won three Grammys, and helped put the Midwest hip-hop scene on the map.

The St. Louis rapper took a break from filming his BET reality series “Nellyville” to perform something old and something new for Nissan’s “Off the Record.” Backed by a full band, he dug into his catalog with his 2001 hit “Ride Wit Me,” and serenaded the ladies with his latest single “The Fix.”

The Jeremih-assisted jam, produced by DJ Mustard and Mike Free, samples Marvin Gaye’s classic “Sexual Healing,” and will appear on his upcoming album, his first for indie label Records.

So what keeps him motivated after all the success? “What drives me to continuously wanna grow is just understanding that there’s different levels to the game, period,” he said. “When I watch people before me—I watch Jay Zs, Dr. Dres, Puffs, people that are constantly elevating the game, that came from the same places that I come from, and doing the same thing that I’m doing—it makes you want more.”