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My Interview With DoubleCin Magazine

Choppin It Up with Jamon “Truebeatz” Turner

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Double Cin Magazine: First off, introduce yourself to everyone who hasn’t heard of you…
Truebeatz: Yo Yo, I’m an up and coming Music Producer and Beatmaker, Truebeatz.

What part of town are you in?
Walnut Hills

So, how long have you been producing/making beats?
I first started out making beats on a Sony Playstation in 2004, so about 8 years now.

What made you decide that producing is the way of life for you?
I was always into music and I always wanted to be a dope producer,and i felt like I can make tight ass beats. lol.

What Cincinnati artists have you worked with, would like to work with?
I produced a track for Hazeboy and I sent my homie Gonja a beat, but I would like to work withShowtimeFresh, and my homie from the other side of Walnut Hills, Gansta Mooch.

How would you best describe your style of beats?
Dirty south, Trapp, Bangerz.

Can you describe the process that you take to make a beat, from conception to the final file?
As of right now, I make beats using Fruity Loops 10, and I punch on a MPD26, with a M-Audio Keyboard. And I use VST’s, the same ones that Lex Lugar use. The process might take up to a hr or two because mixing is my weakness right now, so I’m still learning how to mix.

How do you come up with the beats? What inspires you?
I listen to major artists like Young Jeezy, T.I. , and Piles and I like the beats that they rap to. So I try to make beats similar to what they rap on. I try not to bite any producer styles, but Lex Lugar and Zaytoven is one of the producers who inspires me.

What do you have plan for the future?
I planned to sell beats to major artists, get like a placement somewhere nahmean? And hopefully if GOD is willing, I would like to own my own studio in the Nati or Atl.

Anything you would like to add or shout out?
Yeah, I support all local artists around Cincy and I hope we can come together and put our city on the map I feel like there is a lot of talent here in Cincinnati and we need to stick together… and I would like to give a shout out to errybody who doing their thing… errybody in my hood Walnut Hills… my homie Corey “Bluntman” you on yo way bra bra… Benny Haze, my big homie HeightzFreshGonja, and Hazeboy. And special shout out to you homie (datnatikid).


Over Again (Produced By Truebeatz)

Over Again (Produced By Truebeatz).


Over Again (Produced By Truebeatz)

Over Again (Produced By Truebeatz)




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I Grind Hard Produced by (Truebeatz)

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My Goals

My Ultimate Goal In Life Is To Be Successful. Thats More Than Anything.One Of My Goals In Beatmaking Is To Make 1,000 Beats Or More. All Beatmakers Or Super Producers Should Have Aleast Over “500” Beats In There Library. I Produce Beats On A Everyday Basics,Sometimes I Might Make Three Or Four Beats A Day. Another One Of Goals Is To Sell Beats To Major RnB Or Rap Artists Get A Placements. I Do Not Wanna Get Signed To Any Record Label Because They Will Make You Out Of A Slave And Use You.You Will Only See A Little Percentages While They Take The Rest. The Music Industry Is A Dirty Business To Do Business In, So Thats Why I Wanna Stay Unsigned And Sell To Up And Coming Artists And Maybe Get A Placement. “I Just Wanna Be Successful In What I Do” ~ TruebeatzImage

Slow Motion

Damn why did i have to lease 20 beats online in december 2011.. I thought that i was gonna lease 20 beats or more in January and in Febuary.I must have hit a dry spell,I only lease 6 beats last month and 6 beats so far this month.I guess ima switch things up a little bit.Damn i was  looking forward to making another $500.00 or more off beats but i guess $125.00 aint that bad tho.Sooner or later i will be making alot of money off of beats,Im still waiting on getting a placement still,So until then,ima hold my head up high and keep on doing what i’m doing until it my time to shine. “Good things will come to those who wait”…well this just another one of my blogs…….  ~Truebeatz~

Beats For The Low!!!

Beats For The Low!!!.