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Eye candy K Monae

Eye candy K Monae

Born Keandra Monae Miller in the small town of Temple, Tx this seductive beauty has always been destined for greatness.At the young age of 17 she became interested in becoming a model. Her very first photoshoot was with an amateur photographer from the local area. Being that she had just recently grown out of the tom-boyish swagger, seeing her own beauty captured on camera AMAZED her. At that point she began experimenting with different photographers that she found on the popular ModelMayhem website, until she stumbled upon the famous Derrick D. Brown ( Derrick brought out a whole new level of sexy in Monae.

She jumped feet first into submitting her own pictures to magazines, promoting her own beauty, and trying to make a name for herself. ‘I was taught, if you want it, you gotta go get it. Because, don’t nobody owe you anything.'” she says. At the age of 23, Monae is single, with no children. So she feels as if she has nothing but time to invest into her modeling career. During her travels she was contacted by C.E. Wiley of 504Dymes Magazine and asked to be a featured model in their March 2011 issue. She was much obliged for the opportunity.

Best known by her family and friends for being outspoken, “the life-of-the-party,” and extremely kind-hearted, she’d be considered by most as a True Southern Belle. According to her admirers she has the sexiest set of athletic legs known to man, “I used to run track, and play volleyball.” she admits. Her mesmerizing eyes aren’t for the faint of heart either, so take caution.

You can find more of K. Monae on the following sites:


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