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Lil Wayne Involved In A Backstage Fight At Cali Christmas

Everything about Lil Wayne seems to get news except his music. Wayne was allegedly caught up in a massive brawl that took place backstage at Cali Christmas last Friday (Dec. 14).

Full of shockers, Cali Christmas brought out guest appearances from Big Sean, J.Cole, and A$AP Rocky. The YM camp leader got through the west-side to hit the stage and support Kendrick Lamar. Unfortunately for Wayne, his intentions were dropped when a fight broke out before his appearance. An eye-witness told that the fight was among the rapper and unknown individuals.

“Punches were thrown but no arrests were made,” said the witness. “It was a serious fight and was witnessed by everyone who was backstage.”

Witnesses say the cause of the fighting wasn’t clear or who the other guy was. Fortunetly, authorities were not called but with many eye witnesses someone had to catch it on camera.

No statements have been made by the radio station or the Young Money camp about the issue.


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