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Cincinnati’s Rap Artist “Saga The Great”


Born Patrick Goins Jr. in Hamilton, Ohio and later moving to Cincinnati, Ohio around the forest park area where he was raised and a graduate from Princeton High School, class of 2008. His father, Patrick Goins Sr. has been incarcerated since he was 5 months old. With the absence of his father he was raised in a single parent home by his mother Charleen Walker, who worked very hard to support him and his younger brother and sister. The hard times and struggles they endured empowered SAGA to strive to work hard at everything he did as a youth an even more to this present day. To do his best against all odds and events that occurred in his life and the many obstacles that he has overcome is what motivates SAGA to do all he can to be able to provide his family a better life.

SAGA began rapping and free styling at a young age of 10 years old. He was also involved in sports and played in an AAU basketball league. Going through high school is when his music talents started to resurface and he worked hard to balance his dreams and avoid trouble which wasn’t easy. He began writing everyday improving his lyrical and subject matter skills using inspiration from major artist such as Jay-Z and Eminem. He began rhyming in a lot of neighborhoods with other local cyphers and rappers becoming better every time where people began to recognize his talent more and more. He took the next steps and began to record songs and from there he had gained a good following of true fans on the world wide social network where his songs received thousands of plays.

In the fall of 2009 he moved to Atlanta to pursue his music career and video production skills he had grew fond of at the Art Institute of Atlanta where he attended for one year. While in Atlanta he met music and CEO Manager by the name of Todd Vaughn. Todd owns his own independent label True Reality Productions through the state of Georgia. They joined forces an began working on music featuring SAGA on a compilation album called Buick Music Vol.1 that’s currently on ITunes through True Reality Productions. In February of 2011 they released SAGA first official mix tape entitled “This Aint Music This Is Life Vol.1” which is currently on online now on Tweet my

Since the release of his mixtape his fans and following has continued to grow, later in 2011 SAGA had also featured in a hip hop magazine called Mandatory Business owned by Jt The Bigga Figga and co owned by Snoop Dogg for his mixtape “This Aint Music This Is Life Vol.1”. SAGA continues to work to improve himself as all around artist. The key subject of his music comes from the pain, joy, experience, struggle, and true emotion of his life that he has went through and how it affected him growing up and what obstacles he still is overcoming presently. He likes to express himself wholeheartedly in his music with a very open mind and heart. SAGA continues to work on some various projects that are yet to come.






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