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Slumping Outta Huntsville Alabama “Dynomite Kid”


Dynomite Kid has been making a huge impact on the music scene in the south.  His catchy records, passion and talent all make for an interesting artist.  Although his music is nothing less than amazing, the man behind the beat is even more so.
Although you may know him as Dynomite Kid, his family and friends know him as “L-Jay”.  Lajers Wheeler’s life began in Mullins, SC on September 1,1983.  His childhood was complex.  In the small town of Mullins where everybody knows everybody, his father was the main attraction.  Although he was giving his family the good life by means of hustling, there were secrets inside their household.  Lajers had a great father, but he was not a good husband.  Infidelity and physical abuse got the best of his parents relationship.  After the split of his mother and father at age 6, Lajers and his siblings moved to Hunstville, Alabama.  Their now single mother was struggling to make ends meet, working 2-3 jobs at a time.  Lajers and his small family bounced around from one project housing to the next.  Although his life was crazy this obviously inspired Lajers because at the ripe age of 12, he began writing.
Throughout the years of trials and tribulations he learned that writing turned into more of a coping mechanism to release the stressors of daily life.  Writing gave him a sense of freedom that he could not find anywhere else; a sense of sanity.  Although this was an outlet, the stress was too much for this young dreamer.  Between the divorce, moving, lack of financial support and dismissive father, by the age of 15 he was kicked out of the house, school and landed himself in prison by 17.
Although being sent to prison was a volatile time in his life, it did not stop him from getting knocked with another 3 year sentence just shortly after.  During his time in prison he learned that all of his “mingling on the streets” was not worth it.    Through family deaths and friends losing their lives, he had a bit of a wake up call.  Even when everyone around him didn’t believe in him, his grandmother did.  She never judged him for his past, all she wanted was for him to be successful and happy.  Lajers used this as motivation to make it.  Now that his grandmother is gone, he always remembers her inspiring words.Image
Music was always calling his name throughout those turbulent years.  Dynomite Kid’s story is truly a testament to any young boy who is trying to follow their dreams.
Through his music, he wants to show the world that you can do what he did.  “If you are still here today and you’ve been through anything, you can change and make a difference. Shake it off. I’m a criminal, it’s hard to get a job, I’m a felon, I know.  It’s hard to do anything unless you make it yourself”, He says. He hopes that by sharing his story with young dreamers like he once was, that they can steer away from making mistakes ahead of time.  “Being a thug is not what’s cool anymore”, he says.  He has been through it, he knows where you have been and he knows how to get you out of it.
Throughout all of his struggles , successes and failures he has learned that life is too short and is now on a hell-bent mission to make it.  With inspirations such as Wu-Tang Clan, Billy Ocean, Cameo and KRS One, you know his music has got to be a mix of greatness.  Everything in his life from his children to his fans drives him to keep making great records.  He will continue to use his music to inspire the ones who were alone just as he was at one time.  Hopefully you can use Dynomite Kid’s music as your outlet.

Dynomite Kid has been making a huge impact on the music scene in the south. His catchy records, passion and talent all make for an interesting artist.

Artist Name – Dynomite Kid

Producer – BeatsbyPR

Booking Information – Berry Williams

Management Contact – 404.642.4079

Twitter Name – dynomitekid7414


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