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Eye candy


Eye Candy Cola Fox

Eye Candy Cola Fox

Cola Fox who featured in Single Ladies Show, with Lisa Raye and Stacey Dash VH1. Also played as an extra on Tyler Perry ” I Can Do Bad By Myself”..



Eye candy K Monae

Eye candy K Monae

Born Keandra Monae Miller in the small town of Temple, Tx this seductive beauty has always been destined for greatness.At the young age of 17 she became interested in becoming a model. Her very first photoshoot was with an amateur photographer from the local area. Being that she had just recently grown out of the tom-boyish swagger, seeing her own beauty captured on camera AMAZED her. At that point she began experimenting with different photographers that she found on the popular ModelMayhem website, until she stumbled upon the famous Derrick D. Brown ( Derrick brought out a whole new level of sexy in Monae.

She jumped feet first into submitting her own pictures to magazines, promoting her own beauty, and trying to make a name for herself. ‘I was taught, if you want it, you gotta go get it. Because, don’t nobody owe you anything.'” she says. At the age of 23, Monae is single, with no children. So she feels as if she has nothing but time to invest into her modeling career. During her travels she was contacted by C.E. Wiley of 504Dymes Magazine and asked to be a featured model in their March 2011 issue. She was much obliged for the opportunity.

Best known by her family and friends for being outspoken, “the life-of-the-party,” and extremely kind-hearted, she’d be considered by most as a True Southern Belle. According to her admirers she has the sexiest set of athletic legs known to man, “I used to run track, and play volleyball.” she admits. Her mesmerizing eyes aren’t for the faint of heart either, so take caution.

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Eye candy Kristal Solis

Eye candy Kristal Solis

Kristal Solis (born June 24, 1987) is an American model and aspiring actress. She was born in Forth Worth, Texas, and currently resides in Dallas, TX. Solis studied to obtain a degree in Cosmetology and dental assisting. After several years of working to help make the women of Dallas beautiful she was persuaded to venture into acting and modeling for local events around the city; little did she know a fun experience would lead to an astonishing, fulfilling and productive career. Her fun loving personality, trend-setting style and zeal to succeed make her a prevalent principal to the industry today.

Solis is of Hispanic descent and is proud of her heritage and the diversity she brings to her craft. This leading edge beauty has been a prominent fixture in the Texas fashion, modeling and entertainment industry since 2008. In 2009 she was cast as a pupil to appear in a music video with Grammy award winning artist’s Rick Ross and Brian “Birdman” Williams. In 2010 she was cast for the highly anticipated music video “Put It Down” with legendary rap artist Bun B and hip hop’s latest super sensation, Drake. Solis’ first appearance to a wider public was in August of 2010 when she graced the cover of Lowrider Magazine’s “Cover Girls” Edition. Since then she has done numerous fashion shows and entertainment events for recognizable brands like Group Modelo, Coors Brewing Company, and International brand, Cuauhtemoc-Moctezuma.

Solis latest work includes features in nationally recognized publications: Jet Magazine (September 2010 “Beauty of the week”), Hip Hop Weekly (October 2010), Show Magazine and Urban Ink Magazine. She is known and recognized for her seductive smile, vibrant personality and eagerness to attack opposition. Solis quickly gained a loyal following with her exemplary work ethic and extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry and all things hip hop. As booking opportunities continued to roll in, she came across her biggest job to date, a feature in BlackMen Magazine.

Kristal Solis strives with attainment to become a prominent figure in the Hip Hop community, elite model, renowned actress and acknowledged entrepreneur. Her resume is filled with notable jobs, music videos, cover and feature stories, and is open to endless possibilities. With each new job Kristal Solis is leaving her mark, setting the bar and taking the industry by storm. She is proving to be one of the most in demand centerfolds today, an undeniable force to be reckoned with and tomorrow’s assured next top model.


Eye candy Michelle Game

Michelle Game

Michelle Game too hot