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Atlanta’s Hiphop Rap Artist “Jack Travis”

An Alabama native, Jack Travis (aka La’Voris Evans) spits aggressive and uncompromising lyrics rooted in his Southern upbringing. A fresh face in the hip hop world, the Atlanta transplant takes the diction of the rap game to new heights with engaging metaphors, similes and analogies that fuses his humble beginnings with pop culture.
Considered to be a somewhat anti-social people person among his peers, Jack Travis collaborates with many of Atlantas up-and-coming producers, engineers and artists. He is on a movement to bring current watered-down music back to a solid state. Influenced by the rap culture of the mid to late ’90s Jack Travis is set to challenge todays hip hop competition. Not only with the lyrical side, He produces and engineers much of his music. Jack Travis has never taken an IQ test, but judging from his captivating lyrics, he is a genius. Having devoted only a year to hip hop full time, Jack Travis has produced more than 50 iPod-worthy tunes that locals cant stop bobbing their heads to.
His first mix tape “Carpe Diem” was followed by Tree Rollins: Damixtape. He is currently working on his next project “#LiveHigh”.
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Shoutout to Jack Travis

Shoutout to my artist Jack Travis from Atlanta Ga. Jack Travis and I has worked on many tracks togetha, This is one of my favorite song by Jack Travis¬†“Love Hardbody” Produced by Me( Truebeatz)…Click the link and checkout the song…Much love and support!!!!! ¬†Truebeatz