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Female M.C. Rapper And Producer “Mz Infared”

Female rapper “Mz Infared” born as Arielle Mitchell brings in a new generation of talent. By mixing her original east coast flow with beats from every coast and area of the United States. Music and cars has always been her passion in life even as a young child. But it was music that gave her the strength and comfort she needed to deal with alot of the hardships in her life. She took a devastating loss when her mother passed away but instead of releasing her anger out on the world she puts forth her emotion into every song she writes and records. Her mother’s death gave her the motivation she needed to pursue music on a whole different level. Be on the look out for her upcoming E.P Mz Infared Presents Sights And Targets COMING SOON To Them Speakers Near You…

*Producer Bio* Arielle Mitchell but known as Mz Infared started her career off as an artist and gradually moved into promotion. Started her own promotions company by the name of RedLine Promotions L.L.C. On top of writing and constantly back and forth in a studio she has also taken an interest into production. As an up and coming producer Mz Infared has made her own beats as well as collaborations with Jamon Turner a.k.a TrueBeatz. Be on the look out for her she’s coming up fast and with speaker bussin’ beat’s.

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