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Puff Daddy, Rick Ross, Meek Mill & Others Congratulate Floyd Mayweather On 49th Career Win

Screen-Shot-2015-09-13-at-12_25_34-AM-300x300Floyd Mayweather beat Andre Berto in a unanimous decision to retire undefeated.

Floyd Mayweather made boxing history yesterday (September 12) when he defeated Andre Berto in a unanimous decision, ESPN reports. This victory ties the boxer with Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 career record.

Mayweather said prior to the match that this would be his last time in the ring. He confirmed his retirement to reporters after the bout with Berto.

“You got to know when to hang it up, and it’s time for me to hang it up,” the boxer said.

Many rappers took to social media to congratulate the champion on his victory. Despite his prolific career, Mayweather has received criticism for his glorification of money and his confrontations outside of boxing. He has feuded with T.I. and 50 Cent, among others. He also spent two months in jail in 2012 for domestic battery. Some of the posts took note of this criticism and said that winning overpowers the negativity.

“Congrats @floydmayweather !! Now it’s time to party!!!” Puff Daddy wrote on Instagram with a flier for his Marquee Fight Night party sponsored by Ciroc.

@floydmayweather congrats on perfect 49-0 record,” Rick Ross wrote on Twitter with a picture of Mayweather and the MMG Black Bottle Boys logo.

“The best ever! F#%k what they talking when you winning!!” Meek Mill wrote on Instagram for a caption of a picture of the boxer with his title belts.

“TBE… 49-0,” Lupe Fiasco posted on Instagram, referencing the boxer’s “The Best Ever” title.

“Congrats @floydmayweather ANOTHER ONE!#wethebest,” DJ Khaled wrote on Instagram for the caption of a picture of himself with Money May.

Fabolous apparently was in attendance for the Las Vegas fight and posted an image on Instagram.

“Mayweather VS. Berto Congrats to @floydmayweather. A 49-0 record is incredible.. People overlook that like its a easy feat, but the real ones know & respect your hard work! We need 1 more WIN so you can have the record & so I can bring my son to see that last fight!! #MayweatherVsBerto #Vegas#TMT #TheFamily,” he writes, referencing the boxer’s The Money Team.

Flo Rida also posted that he was at the fight. On Instagram, he shared a picture of Mayweather kneeling in the center of the ring after finishing the final round.

“Keep God 1st in anything you do and you will not be stopped. Salute to my brother the undefeated @FloydMayweather 49-0 #TMT #STRONGARM,” he writes.

Top Dawg Entertainment executive Punch also gave a nod to the fighter.

“Floyd “Money” Mayweather. The Best Ever,” he says on Twitter. “Hahahha niggas hate Mayweather, but NOBODY beat him.”


Rapper “Rick Ross” Unharmed In Drive-By Shooting…



FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 28 (UPI) — Rapper Rick Royce escaped injury when shots were fired at his Rolls-Royce Monday, causing the car to crash into a Florida building, The Miami Herald reported.

No one was injured in the early morning incident on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, the Herald said.

TMZ said a motorist pulled his or her vehicle up next to Ross’ Rolls, then fired dozens of shots, missing the car, but striking nearby buildings.

Police told the celebrity news website they had made no arrests in connection with the shooting and had not identified any suspects.


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Rick Ross- Hold Me Back (Mr Grind)

Video Parody official my grind video parody…..

Rick Ross Say Threats Not The Reason Why He Cancel Tour!!!!

Rick Ross faced threats from various local chapters of the Gangster Disciples crew, but the rapper said that’s not the real reason his Maybach Music Group tour was called off.

Instead, Ross says it is the fault of promote Shawn Gee, who dropped three shows without his permission. Calling off the tour was a way to put Gee in his place, Spin reported.


“I just felt like there was some power that I needed to take away from homie, so I canceled the rest of the dates. I just shut it down, and never was it due to any threats,” Rick Ross said, discounting the story that threats caused the tour’s cancellation.

When Rick Ross initially called off his tour, the media reported that it was threats from the Gangster Disciples that caused it. Ross used the name of the gang’s founder, Larry Hoover, in his 2010 hit “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast)” and the gang’s symbol on the cover of his Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape. The gang then demanded that Rick Ross give them a cut of the profits, but Ross told Miami rap station 99 JAMZ that their request amounted to extortion.

Rick Ross said threats didn’t really scare him:

“I was in Chicago a week and a half ago, that’s the birthplace of the GDs … Y’all Google up, y’all get online. You pull up my footage of being in Chicago when I walked out with that $40,000 black chinchilla, you understand? I told ‘em cut the music off, I want ‘em just look at me for a little while, ya hear? Look at my beard. Look at the coat. Look how I walk. And that ain’t no disrespect. I’m here to get money … I salute every set.”

Ross then added that he isn’t interested in playing the gangster life, just making music.

“I’m here to make stars, I’m here to make icons, I’m here to break records, I’m here to be Grammy nominated, so that’s what I’m doing,” Rick Ross said of the threats. “To me, rich is gangsta. Loyal is gangsta. Family is gangsta. If that’s not gangsta, I don’t wanna be gangsta.”


Rick Ross Threaten

Over the last few weeks, Rick Ross has been the subject of hip-hop news after videos surfaced of members of the Gangster Disciple gang threatening Ross.  Apparently, they’re still upset because Ross shouted out Larry Hoover, one of the founders of the, one his “BMF” track. Well more recently, a North Carolina chapter of the gang allegedly sent death threats and released their own video to Ross and the MMG camp and now, two of the North Carolina dates on the second leg of the tour have been canceled, immediately prompting people to believe it was done so as a direct results of the threats.

However, MMG reps have released a statement and none of it had to do, as expected, with any gangs:

“Rick Ross has been engaging in a tour which commenced November 2 and was initially scheduled to continue until December 2. However, the tour was extended until December 16. Unfortunately, the tour promoter abruptly cancelled the Greensboro and Charlotte, NC, dates. Rick Ross completed the first leg of the tour without incident and eagerly anticipated performing the balance of the dates, but due to apparent lack of organization and communication on the part of tour promoter, the remaining shows of the tour will be canceled.”

So perhaps the promoters were fearful of possible violence at the concerts and wanted to avoid it by canceling the shows.  It appears the problem is that the promoters canceled everything so suddenly that it didn’t allow for MMG to pick up the pieces and immediately do “damage control” with fans and venues.

Ross also reached out to and sent a message to fans: “I want to apologize to all of my fans who I missed performing for due to the cancellations and want to let them know that I will get back to their cities. I enjoyed my experience with my little bros Wale and Meek Mill and I’m ready to get back in the studio to make good music.”

This is certainly an unfortunate situation as sales for the remaining shows in MS, TN, TX, CA, MI and NY were doing fairly well.

I guess gang dudes don’t get over anything because that song is beyond old at this point. Let the man make his money while the fans enjoy a show.



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